Moringa seed and sperm boost

Moringa seed and sperm boost

Moringa leaves are easily one of the best sources of antioxidants. The Moringa leaves provide this other antioxidants, vitamins and minerals hence the green tea effect will be maximized. Am pela, thanks to Dr Osaze who cured me of fallopian tube blockage and fibroid with his herbal tuber cleanser. My marriage was on the verge of collapsing, because I was unable to bear a child for my husband.

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How Does Moringa Enhance Sexual Performance in Men?

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moringa seed and sperm boost

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Contact us at dreka14demons gmail. My wife suffered from Fibroid which made her unable to get pregnant and give us a child for almost 18 years with multiple surgeries done and none seemed to help the situation. I almost gave up but due to the love i had for her because i married her a virgin i had to find a way to help her.

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moringa seed and sperm boost

The wrong ingredients. Moringa oleifera is a widely cultivated genus plant that is often referred to as the miracle treedrumstick tree or horseradish tree. Native to both tropical and sub-tropical areas, this fast-growing plant is characterized by its long, triangular seed pods. Its fragrant flowers are pale yellow and its branches are open crowned, wispy and drooping.

Traditionally, this plant has been used for culinary purposes. Due to the fact that it is drought resistant and nutritive it has been used in a range of cooking practices throughout a number of different regions.

The leaves for example can be fried and eaten with seafood, or alternatively as a garnish. The seeds are often used in soups or curries. Many parts of the plant have been used for their supposed medicinal properties too. The bark, leaves, roots and flowers have all been sued to treat human disease in traditional medicine.

The leaves of the plant are high in nutrients such as protein, vitamin C, iron and magnesium. One study showed that moringa leaf can increase blood antioxidant levels in post-menopausal women [1].

These free-radical fighting compounds have been found to kill bacteria, protect from heart disease, reduce oxidative stress and some cancers. The protein content has a low digestibility score of As many of the supplements containing moringa are sold as powders or capsules, many of these nutrient values are lower once it gets to you. These studies are pretty much in isolation though and most current research has been seen in animal studies.

Animal studies have shown that the plant may protect against arsenic-induced toxicity [4]. This is useful in places where arsenic contamination is common as long-term exposure can lead to serious health risks. Despite the popular use of Moringa oleifera for treating various disorders, there is limited or no scientific data available regarding safety aspects of this remedy, nor are there any documented toxicological studies that can be used to ascertain the safety index of its herbal preparation [5].

One of the biggest marketing claims made by manufacturers of moringa supplements is its ability to increase testosterone levels, boost erections and enhance sexual performance. Essentially that it is an aphrodisiac.Aphrodisiacs are required to improve male sexual function under stressful conditions. Due to the effects of oxidative stress and dopamine on male sexual function, we hypothesized that Moringa oleifera leaves might improve male sexual dysfunction induced by stress.

moringa seed and sperm boost

Therefore, the effects on various factors playing important roles in male sexual behavior, such as antioxidant effects, the suppression of monoamine and phosphodiesterase type 5 PDE-5 activities, serum testosterone and corticosterone levels, and histomorphological changes in the testes, of a hydroethanolic extract of M. The results demonstrated that the extract showed both antioxidant and monoamine oxidase type B MAO-B suppression activities.

At 7 d of treatment, the low dose of extract improved sexual performance in stress-exposed rats by decreasing intromission latency and increasing intromission frequency. It also suppressed PDE-5 activity, decreased serum corticosterone level, but increased serum testosterone, numbers of interstitial cells of Leydig and spermatozoa.

The increased numbers of interstitial cells of Leydig and spermatozoa might have been due to the antioxidant effect of the extract. The increased sexual performance during the intromission phase might have been due to the suppression of MAO-B and PDE-5 activities and increased testosterone.

Therefore, M. Sexual feeling and sexual activity are inevitable parts of life, which play an important role in the survival of the human race Kothari, Although male sexual dysfunction is not a life threatening disorder, it can greatly affect the quality of life. Because of its high impact and high prevalence, a great effort has been made to search for effective interventions to protect against sexual dysfunction.

Sexual function is a complex process involving the brain, hormones, emotions, nerves, muscles, and blood vessels. It is very sensitive to stress. Therefore, stressful lifestyles or events usually induce sexual dysfunction.

moringa seed and sperm boost

It has been reported that chronic physical and psychological stresses modulate neurotransmission in the median preoptic area and decrease penile blood flow, resulting in erectile dysfunction Santosh et al. Experimental stress induced by restraint can suppress testicular steroidogenesis, giving rise to a reduction in plasma testosterone Orr and Mann, Long term exposure to stress destroys interstitial cells of Leydig and decreases serum testosterone and spermatogenesis Rai et al.

Stress also increases the activity of the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis HPA-axisleading to the enhanced plasma cortisol and increased sympathetic system function Carrasco and van de Kar, This leads to excessive oxidative stress and stress-related disorders Ahmad et al.

To date, most available drugs in the market target at the intromission phase, the most common phase of sexual dysfunction. The most popular drugs are sildenafil citrate, vardenafil and tadalafil citrate, which target the suppression of phosphodiesterase type 5 PDE-5which in turn increases penile blood flow and penile tumescence.Moringa has gained a reputation as a so called superfood.

It is said to have many health benefits ranging from possible cancer prevention to weight loss. But can using Moringa enhance sexual performance in men?

We now know that Moringa contains high levels of vitamins and nutrients.


Vitamin A is also a great benefit which Moringa is high in. Vitamin A is vital to sperm production and virility. Vitamin C strengthens your immune system. Not only does Vitamin C build the immune system which in return creates stronger erectionsit creates circulation and blood flow to the penis. Vitamin D is crucial and essential for testosterone building and in turn strong long lasting erections.

They also contain Saponin, a chemical compound that improves the levels of the sex hormone testosterone and enhances libido. This combination is a great example of why men use Moringa to enhance sexual performance.

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Moringa seeds have been shown to help men in treating erectile dysfunction in Eastern medicines. The seeds are actually used as a sexual virility drug. The seeds can help with increasing the hardness of an erection and increase your sexual health.

Vitamins and coenzymes in seeds increase blood flow to erectile tissue increasing cellular expansion and therefore increasing the size and hardness of erection. The Moringa seeds are an excellent source of Calcium and vitamin D. Just one small serving of the seeds provides more calcium and vitamin D than drinking 3 cups of whole milk without consuming all the extra fat and calories. What is great is that there are many health and emotional benefits for both men and women that can be attributed to having regular sex.

Lisa cites a Duke University study that showed that having sex times or more per year could increase your lifespan by six years. By engaging in intercourse more often, there is also a natural boost in self-esteem and self-confidence. Here are just a few examples of the benefits of sex in a relationship or marriage:.

best way to increase sperm count in 2days

So now you know the importance of a healthy sex life; why not try and see just how Moringa can enhance sexual performance for men. You can drink Moringa tea. Moringa leaves can be eaten fresh, cooked or dried. Moringa leaf powder can be incorporated into your diet regime by adding Moringa into your recipes. You can also take Moringa seeds to enhance your sexual performance.

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Moringa supplements are a great way to regulate your intake safely.The miracle Moringa Oleifera tree holds proven promise as a sexual aphrodisiac plant that addresses common sexual performance issues such as erectile dysfunction. The sacred Moringa tree is native to several tropical countries like India, Africa, and Philippines. It is still to this day relatively unknown to the world, in particular the west. Individuals who live in the area have been loving and enjoying the benefits of Moringa tree for thousands of years now.

Moringa has proven to solve sexual dysfunction issues in far eastern countries for centuries as well. In the sacred book of Ayurvedic medicine in India, Moringa has been used to cure more than diseases for over two thousand years.

As they say, you must discover what is the cause of your problem in order to prevent or reverse it! Before we move on, I would be remiss if I did not mention one strong fact about most men.

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That fact is, when it comes to their personal health, most men not all between the ages of around years of age, usually could care less about their health in general as long as their Mr. Johnson, the Louisville slugger, wood, tool, happy zone, or penis is functioning correctly.

They could have all kinds of health problems, but as long as the penis is working right, its all good! Now this is no criticism by the way, its just a fact. Furthermore, many men are known for talking trash about what their going to do in the bedroom before the sex starts. Well this can be extremely embarrassing not only for the man, but the woman or partner your with. Most women will not tolerate this type of minimal performance because it usually takes the average women longer to get sexually aroused.

It can cause arguments, doubt, a lack of trust, suspicious and insecurities for your partner. If there are some signs of life in the sagging penis, some men can only get it half way hard in one, maybe two positions usually only doggy style which may not totally satisfy a woman because of a lack of foreplay and more intimacy that usually involves the missionary position. If you want the woman to get on top or other acrobatic positions, you need a strong hard long lasting erection!

Does Moringa Boost Testosterone?

But hey, it may all depend on what level your relationship is on. Some women actually do not care. Before we do this, lets discuss the male anatomy. This leads us to understanding the male prostate. Now what is the prostate? The prostate is centrally located between the bladder and the penis. This prostate needs to be sexually stimulate every now and then to function properly to prevent becoming oversized which can become cancerous.

Lisa cites a study from Duke University that showed that having sex roughly times or more per year could increase your lifespan by six years. Furthermore, engaging in more intercourse leads to a natural boost in self-esteem and self-confidence. Therefore we do not suggest you go out there trying to be the next king Solomon, Sampson, Hercules or up and coming porn star. Now we do not judge here at MoringaMagic. However, the most important factor in male sexual dysfunction is a decline in male hormones, such as testosterone.

Male testosterone is the key factor or dominant hormone which makes the male species a male. It is chiefly responsible for sperm production, erections, facial, head and body hair, deepened voice, strength and other male characteristics.Sure, Sarvesh, you can take it daily.

It is food. No side effects. Do you have any questions you want to ask or comments? Please add your comments here. We love your comments! Someone asked this question on question hub and I would like to answer it this way. I have seen people soak moringa roots in alcohol. The World's No. TheSolomons moringa oleifera. One of the challenges men face is low sperm count. In this article, I will explain what low sperm count means and how moringa helps to boost sperm count in men.

This article is prompted by many calls and the concern men express about low sperm count. I will also enumerate the causes of low sperm count and ways to possibly prevent this condition in men.

Are you in hurry? To buy moringa now, kindly visit Amazon and buy from this trusted brand. A low sperm count is also called oligospermia ol-ih-go-SPUR-me-uh. A complete absence of sperm is called azoospermia. Your sperm count is considered lower than normal if you have fewer than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen.

Buy Moringa oil on Amazon now. Normally, ejaculation should push semen out through the tip of the manhood. But sometimes retrograde backward ejaculation occurs. That means instead of going out, the semen enters the bladder during orgasm. Causes of backward ejaculation include diabetes and surgery of the prostate.Over half of young people aged 18 to 34 say they trust online reviews more than the opinions of friends and family tweet33.

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